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Streaming Display issue (TV)


New member
Dec 23, 2019
PC Experience
Some Experience
Hey, So I've ran into an issue as of late... I've streamed from a capture device (Elgato gaming capture card) For years, and recently out of nowhere ( literally...) I've not been getting display on my Tv... Yet it gives me audio and the display on my PC is absolutely fine? I'm at a huge loss here, I've tried all the following: Re-installing OBS ( streaming softwere), New HDMI / USB cables, Different TV, New Capture device, Replugging some the hdmi's see if was a handshake error, Settings on both obs and Playstation for display settings to make sure they match, RBG outputs were checked to match aswell. All of these? Same outcome. Im sure it's something to do with either my pc or some settings somewhere. I tried the same on a different set up ( different pc elsewhere) And it worked fine. If anyone can give me a suggestion, would be greatly helpfull, Im not that experianced when it comes to deep looking into computers and such...
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