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Stuck halfway formating pc and confusion with mods


FPCH New Member
May 3, 2008
Hi Every one.
This is my first post
I use Windows XP
The other day i formated my pc.Iput in my xp cd and chose to boot from cd drive.Every thing was normal untill it asked me for the number,thing is i dont have it any more its an old copy.
I do how ever have a newer version of xp but when i go through the same process it windows starts and i get a screen saying set up is restarting windows then i have to insert the original xp cd but thats not possible as i cant go any further.
I dont have a floppy drive and i am stuck please can you help me with formating my c drive.

The xp cd i have is one i brought from a shop i used the othe r copy because it had some other software that i put onto the cd to act like ghost.

So i am sorry for the confusion in my previous post the copy i am using now is legit


FPCH Long Term Member
Feb 7, 2007
South Africa

Installing Windows now should be a walk in the park.

Just boot with this Windows Disk and choose clean install.
Note: Partition and format the disk before installing Windows
Warning: Clean install will cause you to loose all data on the partition.

Tell us if you recieve any error messages or if it is going through with the installation.