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System 32 error & Recover data??


FPCH New Member
Jun 26, 2007
Hi everyone,
My Pc crashed on me one day and when i restarted was told that i have a system32/system error so after inserting xp disk and getting to the recovery console and repairing it goes through the set up only to be told that a file is missing or corrupt... i'll post the exact file name up when i check the pc again but after looking through the net it seems like a very hard problem to solve!

So instead i thought that if i can just recover some files from the hard drive like photos and some work files then i wouldnt mind wiping the drive and starting again.

I was wondering if any one could give me advice on how to do so i cant load into windows obviously and i tried ms dos to access c drive but with no luck.

The only thing i could think to do is buy a small and cheap hard drive, install it onto my computer and install xp on it. then boot from the new drive which should hopefully allow me to acces the old drive, copy the files i want and then wipe and start again is this possible?

Thanks for your help


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
Do you have a second optical drive, like a CD or DVD drive? Because there might be one way around this. You could download the Ubuntu Live CD from www.ubuntu.com, burn it to a CD (not as a file, using a CD image burning program) and then boot from it.

This will boot up into a screen, press Enter to start Ubuntu and after a couple of minutes you will be presented with a fully working Linux desktop. The next thing to do would be to open up your Windows partition and burn the files onto a DVD that you want to save.

This would require you to put the Ubuntu disc in the drive that isn't the DVD burner, then use the other one to boot Ubuntu from. Getting access to FAT32/NTFS Windows partitions is much easier in Ubuntu since the dawn of version 7.10, but if you have difficulty try Googling for a guide or looking in the help (Ubuntu help actually is helpful).

HTH :)