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System language changed to weird symbols


FPCH New Member
Jul 8, 2007
I have no idea why but i powered up one time and all the text on my laptop was either bold or in weird symbols.
Didnt do anything to change it. Have recently upgraded to vista, about a month ago but no problems occured other than this. PLEASE HELP!


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
sorry i have completely missed this post...

not sure i totally understand this one.is this your desktop icons,or every text.

try this
ok in vista if you go to start>then control panel...make sure oyu are in classic view. go to regional and language options> make sure everything in there is set to your correct language and location.i.e =UK.

if this does not help then post back and i will try a few more suggestions.
kind regards