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The lights are on but no ones at home!


FPCH New Member
Nov 26, 2007
At least thats how it seems!

Hi there and welcome to my first post on here :)

Last night we had a power cut in our area, and my PC which is on 25/7 went down. Ever since the power came back on the puter is semi dead. I'll explain.............

Turn it on, it powers up. The lights come on and the fans turn. The discs are running as I can hear them whizzing however I get no graphics or anything else for that matter. It wont boot, the cd rom drives dont open and it wont power down by holding the power button, I have to swith it off at the wall. At first I thought it was the graphics card but with these other syptoms I'm pretty sure its somnething more than that. The first course of action IMO was to put a new PSU in her which I did but it made no difference. Another syptom is the optical mouse doesnt light up. I know that it works as I am using it right now on this laptop.

Does anyone have any ideas because I am all out!

Cheers :) :) :)