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Thermal Paste Question


FPCH Member
Mar 16, 2013
Hi guys im doing my first build soon and was wondering, Im going to be installing a cpu cooler (Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo) and was checking a load of videos on how to install it so i had a rough idea of what i was doing for when i eventully start and on all the videos they were replacing an older cooler, but il be putting a brand new cooler on a brand new cpu would i still need thermal paste or is it on the components already?. I no its bit of a nooby question so sorry ;) this is my first attempt at doing this


Free PC Help Contributor
Feb 4, 2010
PC Experience
Some Experience
Hi goian, yes you will need to use thermal paste unless your cooler has it pre-applied, some do the corsair water cooling units for one.
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