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Think Pad R40 Issues


FPCH New Member
Jul 25, 2007
I have a think pad R40 which was giving me a fan error. I ordered a fan from IBM and replaced the fan. The fan seems to turn on now but if I try to boot I have to go into the BIOS. I don't have to change any of the settings just go in then exit. It will boot like normal but shortly after booting it starts to act strange. The screen flickers and it freezes. Also my touch pad stopped working. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I am running windows XP Pro with SP2. I have 256 Ram.

I just plugged the fan in is there something I need to configure? Also do I need to put some gel where the fan touches the processor? The folks at IBM said no put in there repair manual it says to put some there. If I do what kind and where can I buy some.




FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
hi mr pipes3
did you buy the same fan as what was previously installed.
YES you need to put gel (thermal paste) on the cpu,so the heatsink can dissipate (mmm spelling) the heat away correctly...
as for the screen flickering,,did you have to remove the lcd with lid,to replace the fan...it may be worth resitting the cables from the screen to the board......other possiblities are a faulty inverter board. but it doesnt sound like it...
also the touchpad (synaptics) cable may have came loose or may have become torn,you may want to check them..
please explain in as much detaile xactly wha tyou did to replace hte fan..i can then assist you further.
kind regards