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Trouble installing Graphics Card


FPCH New Member
Apr 15, 2007
Hi I recently Bought a Packard bell I-EXTREME 850 and it has an intergrated via\s36 unichrome pro igp, and i want to install a ATI Radeon 9600 in its place. So heres the problem i install the new video card into AGP slot and turn the PC back on but it wont boot back up. im positive its because i need to diable the exsisting card, im just not sure how to go about that. Any Help would be much appreciated.


FPCH Member
Apr 15, 2007
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Operating System
Windows XP - Professional
No information on Packard Bell's website about an iXtreme 850. There's an 8500 model but not sure if that's your one. If you go on to Packard Bell's website under support, you can enter the serial number on the back of the machine and this will show you specific information regarding the model of your PC.

In most cases the motherboard should auto detect the AGP card and you'll get basic VGA output on the monitor until you've loaded up the drivers for it. Can't be sure until you give more information on the model of your PC though.