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Trying to Install Microsoft Office


FPCH New Member
Feb 3, 2007

I am currently trying to Install 'Microsoft Office XP Professional with Frontpage' on my Laptop. However after putting in the product key the files start to transfer and get stuck on excel.exe. Then a message box appears saying:

Error 1305. Setuo cannot read file C:\program files\microsoft office \office10\EXCEL.EXE
Check your connection to the network or CD-ROM drive. For other potential solutions to this problem
see D:\files\Pfiles\msoffice\office10\1033\setup.HLP

I have tried following the above link to get help but none of the options there seem to offer a solution.
I am ok on computers but by no means compatant enough to even know where to begin to solve this!

If anyone can offer any help it'd be much appreciated!



FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
It sounds like the disc you have is scratched and your computer cannot read it anymore. You could try cleaning the CD with a CD cleaning kit, they are widely available in a lot of home stores. If you can prove that you own a genuine license and copy of Microsoft Office, you may be able to get a replacement disc from Microsoft. They usually charge a fee.

If you are in the US or Canada: How to replace lost, broken, or missing Microsoft software or hardware. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any UK guides to doing this. The UK phone number for Microsoft is 0870 60 10 100, they should be able to direct you appropriately.