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Unwanted anti virus


FPCH New Member
Mar 22, 2009
PC Experience
Some Experience
Hello everyone. I'm new to the site and this is my first message. I am hoping someone can help me !
My computer is Windows XP. Up until last week I had avast 4.8 anti virus for about a month. I had messages reminding me of days left before expiry due. On the day it expired had a message from avast stating that my computer was no longer protected and on my security centre this also stated that I had no anti virus protection. I deleted avast icons etc. (I'd decided to try another type of anti virus) but I couldn't delete it from my control panel - Add/Remove.
Tried several options i.e. - Tried to install different anti virus - got message - unable to install as my compter already had avast ! - unsuccessful.
Tried three times to 'system restore' - unsuccessful. Now my 'system restore' no longer works.
If anyone can possibly help me to - delete avast in order to replace it and how to enable my system restore option again. Hope to hear from someone. Thanks !