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Update Error


FPCH New Member
Sep 18, 2006
I have been having problems updating 'Office 2003 and Word Viewer 2003'.
I am being prompted to install them by installation shield in my system tray.
When I try to install them I get this message 'The following updates were not installed....Security Update for Word Viewer 2003 (KB917346)
Security Update for Office 2003 (KB921566)'.
I have also downloaded these updates seperately and tried to install them manually, but I get this message 'The updates cannot be applied'.
I have just tried reinstalling 'Net Framework 1.1' package, but still I can't install the updates, yet I am constantly being prompted to install them.
Any suggestions as to the installation would be greatly appreciated.


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Hi powertron;

I'm a little confused. If you have Office 2003 why do you also have Word Viewer 2003. Office 2003 has Word so you don't need the Word Viewer 2003.

In the case of Security Update for Office 2003 (KB921566) you should have the Office 2003 Service Pack 2 installed first.

As for the Security Update for Word Viewer 2003 (KB917346) you must have version 11.0.6505.0 of Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2003. Check your version.

But I still don't understand why you have or need that program. Perhaps that's part of the problem;