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Upgrade advice from A8N-SLI Deluxe


FPCH New Member
Oct 31, 2008
Operating System
Windows XP - Professional
Hey guys. Bear with me and my total lack of decent hardware knowledge.

My motherboard/PSU recently died and I'm looking to replace them. Since my system's over three years old, I can't find any A8N-SLI motherboards around, so what would be my best bet in terms of an upgrade route?

I know Intel's range of Core Duos is the most sensible way to go, but I'm on a pretty tight budget, so I'm considering an X2 6000+, just to tide me over for a few months until I can afford a decent Core i7 system next year.

Assuming I opt for the X2 6000+, can you recommend a decent, affordable motherboard?

My 'nooby' searching has led me to the Gigabyte AM2 nForce 400 MATX A L G (dabs.com - Gigabyte AM2 nForce 400 MATX A L G (GA M61PME-S2)), but it seems that this doesn't support SLI, rendering one of my perfectly working 7900GTs useless.

Other searches lead to more expensive SLI boards (no thanks) and perhaps ATI boards, meaning my 7900s are both useless.

Would an ATI chipset motherboard couple with a HD4670 perform as well as one (or even two) 7900GTXs? Or would a slightly more expensive 9600GT coupled with a non-SLI motherboard work out better value for money?

Sorry if I sound like an idiot, but when it comes to hardware I'm relatively useless.

Pre-thanks for your time in helping me!


Hello Victor

Welcome to Free PC Help

Our resident Hardware and Component Specialist will be back shortly and will advise you on this issue.

Please bear with us until that time.

In the meantime if any other member or the Tech Team wish to advise then feel free to do so.