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Upgrading my horrible CPU


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Jun 5, 2015
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Hi all,

I was wondering whether or not I could upgrade my Intel Celeron 1037U @ 1.80Ghz for say, an i3/ i5 or an i7.
If that is not the case, what CPU could I upgrade to from the Intel Celeron?

Thanks in advance,


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Jan 9, 2014
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Did you buy this computer from a computer store or did you build it yourself? If you built it yourself, what is your motherboard model? If you bought it from the store what brand and model number is the computer.

Usually pre-built computer manufacturers do not allow for upgrades because they will lose money that way. If they don't allow you to change out the CPU then you will buy another computer when the one you have slows down.

After some looking it does not look good for you, that CPU you have is a BGA, which means it is soldered to the board, so you can not switch it out easily. And if you do remove it, BGA motherboards do not really support any other cpu then the one that was soldered to it in the first place. In the long run it will be cheaper to buy a new unit. Sorry mate.

Your CPU does support up to 1600 mhz RAM, so see what RAM you have in your system now and if it is not 1600 mhz you can find some cheap sticks online and upgrade, you wont get that much of a performance boost but, it would be cheaper then buying a new unit, and/or you could buy a faster hard drive.
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Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
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Intel Celeron 1037U
As Kernel said - it is not possible to exchange this specific CPU for a "better" one.
[ not for the average person anyway ]

This particular IC has a FCBGA1023 socket.
The 1023 usually refers to the number of pins.
BGA [ Ball Grid Array ] is a method of mounting the IC onto the motherboard.
Basically there are rows of small solder balls instead of the usual pins.

To replace an IC of this type you need specialised equipment.
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