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USB Device Not Recognized


FPCH New Member
Sep 26, 2007
I'm using Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

All of my USB ports work fine. The only problem is the web cam is starting to have problems in that everytime I insert the USB a message bubble comes up saying "USB Device Not Recognized". This happens no matter what USB port I put the cable into. I have tried reinstalling the drivers through the webcam CD but it doesn't seem to help. Please help me with this problem. Thanks.
Sep 26, 2007
From the Microsoft knowledge database:
"When you plug a USB device into your Microsoft Windows XP-based computer immediately after the computer comes out of standby (S3) or hibernate (S4), the computer may not recognize the USB device. When this issue occurs, the USB device may or may not be listed in Device Manager as an unknown device, and you may or may not receive the following warning message:"

"Unrecognized device has been found"

Your first port of call should be the Webcam manufacturers Website and search for drivers OR go to START - control panel - SYSTEM - HARDWARE TAB - DEVICE MANAGER it should be listed there as a yellow question mark
try right clicking on this and clicking update driver it will connect to windows update and download the appropriate drivers
Wot make is the webcam? Include details please.