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USB File System

Feb 7, 2009
PC Experience
Some Experience
I have a 64Gb Usb Storage device. It came with a FAT32 File system. When I try to convert it to NTFS using convert I:/fs:ntfs it goes through the whole process and right at the last line it says "CANNOT CREATE ELEMENTARY FILE SYSTEM STRUCTURES" How do I get round this problem,
Many thanks

Jelly Bean

FPCH Distinguished Member
May 23, 2009
Hello there.

Did you write the command "convert I: /fs:ntfs"? there is a space after :.

As you are also using Vista did you right click on command prompt and choose run as admin?

If this is a new USB storage drive and no files you can open "Computer" and right click on the drive and choose format.Then use the drop down boxes to format to NTFS.

Error Message:
Cannot create the elementary file system structures.
During a FAT to NTFS file system conversion, the Convert utility could not create the elementary NTFS file system structures on the target volume.
User Action:
Delete unnecessary files and retry the conversion. If this message reappears, the volume may not be suitable for conversion.