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Using Outlook Express to Receive Domain Name Email Using Google Email


FPCH New Member
May 19, 2007
I can't get my domain email to be forwarded to my Outlook Express. Let me explain. First, let me say what does work. BEFORE I enabled POP in the Google Settings Section, email sent from my domain name email address (it was set up to be forwarded to my Google email address by my website server's staff - see below) was properly forwarded to my Google Inbox. Of course, it didn't go to my Outlook Express. AFTER enabling POP in the Google Settings Section email using my Google email address does get sent to my Outlook Express. Email using my domain name email address sent FROM MY Google account appears in my Google email inbox and my Outlook email box. Now here's what doesn't work. Email using my domain name email address sent from ANOTHER email account is not received anywhere. Not in my Google Inbox and not in Outlook Express. I'm using Windows Xp Rev 2.

bob@bobstrucks.com was set to be forwarded to bobstrucks@gmail.com by my domain server


FPCH Member
Apr 15, 2007
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Operating System
Windows XP - Professional
If you set-up your Outlook Express (Tools>Accounts>Mail Tab) gmail POP settings to those advised in the Google Mail Configuration Instructions then incoming domain mail (forwarded to Google Mail) will be available on Outlook Express via POP Download. You may have enabled Forwarding also on Gmail's settings page inadvertantly. I set it up by disabling forwarding and enabling POP Download. If after following their instructions you still get no joy from incoming domain mail contact your webserver staff.
Another thing may have happened: if you'd set up 2 email addresses to incorrectly forward to each other, then a loop situation could occur. One of the mail servers will recognise the loop, stop responding and then block it automatically.