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Video Grabber needed to make digital copies of old camcorder tapes


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Jan 5, 2011
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Many years ago I bought a video grabber from Lidl (the make is "Silvercrest") and on my XP machines is seemed to work OK although I only used it once or twice. Now I have found a load of old camcorder tapes and so want to save them to digital format and had hoped the grabber would work but it alas does not work well. The old software does not function and so I tried Debut Video Capture from NCH which if free and although it sometimes sees the grabber it won't take in the sound only a pretty ropey image. I am using the old camcorders as a source and when played though the TV direct via the Red White and Yellow phono leads, the images and sound on the TV are perfect. I don't mind buying another grabber either as a card or a USB plug in if I can find one known to work well with W10 64 bit machines - I note loads on ebay look exactly like the one I already have so even though they say W10 compatible, I want to be sure - so any recommendations or ideas ??please…..
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