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Virus/trojan/worm, On Xp Sp2????


FPCH New Member
Apr 21, 2007
Somehow, with appropriate software installed (Nortons Systems Works-Full Edition updated daily) and Sygate Firewall installed and Spybot installed, I have managed to get a 'Worm/Virus/Trojan' onto my computer.

Not being technically minded, but having been using the computer from Windows 3.1 right through to XP, have experienced the 'odd' attack of one thing or another!!

My problem now is, my computer shuts down and restarts within a couple of minutes of starting it up and the process keeps repeating. I can start the compuiter in Safe Mode and it stays on!! I have removed all unecessary programmes, so it only has the bare minimum installed. In Safe Mode I am unable to access any of my files & documents which I want to save.

I seem to remember a 'worm/trojan/virus' which did a similar thing when I had Windows 95/98 and have tried running 'FXSasser' exe, but to no avail.

Does anybody know what the problem can be and is there any way I can save my files & documents before I have to reformat the hard drive or is there a 'fix' available??

All advice and help gratefully accepted!!

Many thanks for reading!!

I am using my spare computer to issue this and connect to the net!!


FPCH Member
Apr 22, 2007
PC Experience
Very Experienced

Firstly can you download a copy of hi jack this from http://www.merjin.org and post back the log to this forum, when can then have a look to see whats going on. Be sure to copy it in your c drive and run it from a temp file