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Viruses and Trojans Etc


FPCH New Member
Apr 8, 2008
Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire
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Some Experience
Hi Guys

Many thanks for a brilliant and extremely helpful site. I had various trojans and viruses on my system thanks to my teenage son and his downloads! After registering on here, I searched through the topics and found your answers to others that had had similar problems as me. I followed all the procedures you recommended and am pleased to say my system is fully cleaned now. Thank you so much. Your instructions are very easy to follow, which is good for me as I get nervous when it comes to installing, uninstalling, deleting and so on! Once again, thanks for all the information, help and tips you provide. You do a great job.

Now - any tips on how to install common sense into a 16 year old lad??? :)


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
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Very Experienced
Hi Freia;
Thankyou very much for the praise. The team put a lot of thought and effort into the procedures you followed. Congratulations on cleaning your computer. If you run into any other problems just let us know.

How to install common sense into a 16 year old.
That procedure takes about 10 years to complete.

Good luck Freia and come back to Free PC Help anytime.



FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
That's great news Freia:)

Here are some tips and suggestions:

1) Please read "How to avoid a malware infection" and post back with what internet security you are using.

2) Download and install the free version of Mcafee site advisor, which will show many dangerous sites when running a web search.

3) Clear your restore points which will contain malware, and create a new one:

Right click on "My Computer" and choose Properties. Click on the System Restore tab and put a check on "Turn off System Restore". Now click Apply, then Ok, and restart the computer. Now enable System Restore.