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FPCH New Member
Oct 12, 2006
hey um.. i was downloading bear share.. and thats a virus i know it is tho i wanted sumting to download to download music... anywaiz i had turned my spyware off mi nortan antivirus and me the stupid bimbo didnt think of virses.. anywais i got a virus and it has turned my nortan antivirus off.. and it wont let me switch it back on so i can delete the virus.. so thats where im looking for the help..??


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
To start with remove bearshare.
Remove the bundled programs that came with it.
Delete all the downloaded music files.
Next try running the Norton virus scan from safe mode.

Run Housecall and choose remove when given the choice.
It's free.

Try running the Stinger from Mcafee.

Install, update and run Spybot and AdAware Se Personal.

If by chance you get lucky and all these steps fix your problem the first time you may still need to turn off and turn back on system restore to keep a virus from coming back. That is if you use Windows ME or XP.

Some trojans are extremely hard to remove sometimes. I know you can't tell yet which one you may have.

Removing the root programs and files that started this mess is the first step.
Cleaning up the leftovers will take more time.
Running Norton, Spybot and AdAware in safe mode may be needed.
Repeated steps in order after reboots are sometimes needed.

If it still doesn't work go back and look more unknown programs.
Remove and repeat the above steps again.

If all of the above doesn't work try another trojan scanner besides Stinger and Housecall. But only use one of the reputable ones.

Contact Symantec only after trying all of the above steps to see if they think a re-install of Norton will help.

I've lost count of how many computers I've cleaned after they were infected after music sharing programs were installed.

I've never seen two exactly alike. The possibilities are numerous. Be prepared to get lucky or be in it for the long haul.

Post back and we'll try to get you through this.

I did not list more options because I don't know which version of Windows you use.