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Vista Home Preium problem


FPCH New Member
Apr 20, 2007
PC Experience
Some Experience
Operating System
Windows Vista - Home Premium
I recently installed Windows Vista Home Preium OEM. I chose to use the upgrade option from XP Home so I could revert back to XP if I didnt like Vista or there were problem. After installing Vista my harddrive kept going nuts but the memory and cpu were not. I decided to a clean install of vista but every time I run the set up program I end up with this error:
Windows cannot access required file E:\Sources\Install.wim. Make sure all files required for installation are available and restart the installation. Error Code 0x800701E7

If it helps I am running AMD Athlon64 x2 4200+ Dual Core, 160GB HD, 1GB Memory
Any help would be brilliant


FPCH New Member
Apr 30, 2007
i can not send anything out of my mail it says low memory i can not uninstall norton something is wrong with a modcule i tried to down load windows live onecare will not work at all i am so mixed up here i do not even now if i am running like i should be can any one help me get back to my correct settings or something can i reinstall vista pam huber