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VPN, Router & server setup help


New member
May 15, 2021
Grimsby,United Kingdom
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I have an HP dl360 Gen 7 server with windows server 2016 essentials.
I am using the ASUS AC68U router with Merlin Firmware.

The main use for the server is a plex server.

What I am trying to achieve is I wish to connect only certain web interfaces OR just my server to an external VPN like purevpn. Is there a way so that my server can be behind the VPN and my computer's Xbox smart devices and phones are not.

thank you


Admin & Security Team
Feb 19, 2010
Midlands, UK
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Hi db2028

Sorry this isn't my field of expertise ...... @AWS might be more suited to this field.


May 17, 2009
Illinois U.S.A.
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You can Install PureVPN or any VPN software on the server and connect. Only the server would be using the VPN.
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