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VST hardware: mATX Motherboard, Onboard graphics, RAM and CPU


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May 8, 2020
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Hello, I've got a problem as the motherboard I was going to use doesn't boot despite trying many different fixes. My only conclusion is that it's a faulty onboard graphics chip.

My plan was to use the following hardware to run a VST for eDrums with Superior Drummer 3:

Asus M3A78-CM Motherboard with a

Phenom II X6 1090T CPU,

4X2GB 8GB DDR2 PC2-8500U 1066MHz 240Pin DIMM RAM with a Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SATA 2.5" Internal SSD

I'm faced with a dilemma now as I would like multiple USB 3 ports and need to decide whether I get an identical motherboard, upgrade the motherboard to the best spec that the CPU will fit in (potentially having to get more RAM that is compatible) or upgrade everything (in which case I don't know what to go for). Whichever way we go, I need onboard graphics and a PCI slot.

I don't want to spend loads/more than absolutely necessary. I thought having a six core CPU would be good but have read Intel can do better with less cores and there are less latency/buffer problems with Intel CPUs.

I'm trying to build a system that will operate on Windows 10 64 bit and be running continuously (do want it to be economical in terms of power usage but then be up to the demands when pushed).
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