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wat's the prob????


FPCH New Member
Mar 4, 2007
from the 1st day i brought this pc(spec is pentium D 820 with 945P mobo), the fan is a headache to me....when i switch on the pc, everything was fine and normal then after 30minutes to 1 hour later, the fan start to make noise(humming)..!then now i found out that the power supply unit(psu) isnt on par with the system requirement, my mobo require his +12V to be 18A but the psu onli gives +12V with 15A....

so now will insufficient power from the psu cause this prob or is the cpu fan tat has the prob????thx guys!!!have a nice day too!!


FPCH Member
Jan 26, 2007
PC Experience
Some Experience
Operating System
Windows XP - Media Center Edition
It could just be a dirty fan and the heatplate (the bit under the fan with the grid ) could be blocked. Open your case, ground your self and clean the fan with some dust off. Quick bursts from a distance say 15cm..DO NOT let it turn to liquid form (white foam) by bieng to close and holding the trigger too long. How old is your machine.