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Web browsers don't work


FPCH Member
Sep 13, 2008
Boston, MA
PC Experience
Operating System
Windows XP - Professional
I have notebook Toshiba Satellite A215-S7422 with resently installed Window 7 Ultimate OS. It worked ok untill today.
For some reason today my Slimbrowser and Google Chrome stopped working, even though the Internet connection is ok (the Skype works).
When I checked the Troublshouting Internet connection, a diagnos was received: 'The remote device or resource won't accept the connection' and more detail:
'The device or resource (www.microsoft.com) is not set up to accept connectionon port "The World Wide Web service(HTTP)"
Please help to resolve the problem.


Jan 22, 2003
USA, Nebraska
PC Experience
Very Experienced
Does Internet Explorer or other browser like Firefox work OK?

If so have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling those browsers?

If the answer to both is no have you checked for malware?

If so what do you have and what have you scanned with?