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What's the best security tools to protect your P.C


FPCH Member
Apr 6, 2008
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Hi again

In another post i reported that i had mcafee and AVG installed on my P.C as security. I was advised that these were not very good programmes for protection.

Could you recomend what you consider is the best firewall, virus programme and any spyware/maleware programmes you recommend installing for the very best protection of your system.



FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 17, 2007
The very best protection is your internet knowledge. Read and understand (link under repair) and you will avoid most infections.

Of the dozen or so computers that my repair shop disinfects each week, the majority are running AVG, Mcafee, or Norton. None of those can compare to the antimalware abilities of NOD32, MalwareBytes, or SuperAntiSpyware. Although the worst of those three is AVG.

It's ironic, but in your other thread I said, "I'll be back in an hour to elaborate". That was because I had to return a Mcafee infected system and pick up an AVG infected system. This AVG system is now on my bench, and is so infected it's going to be a fight to even gain control before I can proceed with the disinfection.

So, read that post and I'll reply to your questions and comments in this thread.


I feel it must be clarified that neither AVG or Mcafee "Infect" a system but, rather, their inability to protect a system.