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Why can't I access a PC


Free PC Help Contributor
Jan 5, 2011
PC Experience
I have a new (well new to me) Laptop running the latest W10 and all seems fine apart from one thing. Although I can access all my other PCs on my home network I can't access the laptop from any of the other PCs all on W10.

I have set up a shared folder on the laptop and given share permissions for myself and "everyone" which is what I have on all the other PCs.

From time to time one or other of the PCs seems to not show up under the network but by simply running its name (\\pcname) I can always then see it from any other computer. However if I try this to access the laptop it says I don't have permission and consult the administrator - but I am the administrator!

I have checked the advanced networking options and have it set to private, discoverable, with file and printer sharing sharing and set for no passwords - which are the exact same settings on all the other PCs. But still cannot see it from any other PC.

I am able to see and access any of the other pcs on my network from the laptop and can transfer files etc without any problem. Its just I cant do the same from any pc to the laptop!! I have also reset winsock as many posts seem to suggest that but to no avail - somehow I simply don't seem to have permission to access it.

All the PCs are running with local accounts.

Any suggestions please!!!!