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why do I need to plug in headphones to get external sound?


FPCH New Member
Oct 18, 2007
hi, I'm new, and I'm clueless.

In order to get sound through the external speakers, I need to plug a set of headphones into the jack at the front of the PC unit. Is this a common problem? And what might I look into doing about it?

things is, the connection seems loose, so I need to jiggle the hp jack for ages before it kind of falls delicately into place. And I mean delicately.

Any help would be appreciated. Please treat me like a alien who just stepped off a spaceship and hasn't a clue about a PC other than how to turn it on and get on the internet.
Oct 16, 2007
Cheshire UK
When I build a pc in a case that has front headphone connections, I have to remove some jumpers from a header on the board and plug a cable in from the front headphone sockets. When you plug your headphones in a switch is activated in the socket that tells the motherboard not to send sound out the rear speaker socket. The jumpers on the board make sure that if the case has no front headphone socket the sound always comes out the back. It sounds like the socket on the front is broken or incorectly pluged into the motherboard. Either way if you are not happy going inside your pc take it in for repair. If you know your EXACT motherboard model I may be able to help.