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will i get caught ina pc health check


FPCH New Member
Aug 19, 2007
if pcworld give my computer a pc healthcheck will they care that i have limewire installed and songs downloaded.


FPCH Member
Jun 29, 2007
PC Experience
Operating System
no not at all.

do not worry......i dont know many people that dont have limewire........if you are that worried move the songs from the shared folder to my music,,,then remove limewrie...then re-install it when you get the pc back.....
they will not say a word..i bet they see a lot worse...but please beware limewire has a lot of viruses and mailware etc on it,,,,like good old kazaa.
and for the record,,,if you own the original you can download that version as many times as you like,,,as long as you dont share them with friends....(unless they own them too).
all should be ok