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Will old keyboard work with new pc


FPCH New Member
Oct 6, 2010
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Some Experience
Operating System
Windows 7- Home Premium
I recently bought a laptop to replace a desktop and wanted to connect my old keyboard and mouse to the laptop so I can use it like a desktop from time to time. The keyboard has a PS/2 connector so I bought a PS/2 to USB converter, I've plugged that into the laptop but the keyboard won't work, it's clearly receiving power as the number lock key is lit up but none of the other keys respond, has anyone any ideas?


FPCH Long Term Member
Dec 10, 2007
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Some Experience
Hi gdgirling. Welcome to FPCH.
My guess you would have to disable the Laptop Keyboard,before the external Keyboard would work.


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 3, 2010
Cambridge UK
Not wanting to contradict DSTM, but you may find that it's the PS/2 to USB converter that is causing your problem.
A USB plug and play keyboard should work straight out of the box. I'd suggest that you borrow a USB keyboard from a friend or neighbour and just plug it into a USB port on the laptop.

If it works straight away...you have your answer. Then go out and buy a cheap new keyboard.