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windows 98


FPCH New Member
Nov 7, 2007
just purchased a refurbished computer with a disk i had to install win 98 on. Once i had installed my hard drive was only 2 gig when it should have been 80 gb. Can someone post some instructions on how to solve this problem please
thank you


FPCH Member
Nov 10, 2007
If you say that your Computers hard drive was orignally 80GB and then once you installed 98 it had 2GB it maybe that you have not formated the hard drive correctly. My advice would be to wipe the drive and format all the space into one Primary Partition from the Windows Boot Disk then format it again and then scandisk the hard drive sectors on the surface to see if there are any errors and hopefully that should solve your problem


FPCH Member
Feb 14, 2007
When you use the Windows installer to format the hard-disk it asks something like "do you want to add support for large disks?" - did you say yes or no to this?

Pretty much you should always say yes. If you said no, this may be the problem.