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Windows freezes after loading screen


FPCH New Member
Oct 26, 2006
Ok, I believe my issue to be a hardware one. I'm going to try to include all possibly relevant info. To start with, yesterday morning I was watching videos(thatvideosite.com I believe) with my son when the whole PC froze up. It was completely unresponsive, so I rebooted. I believe I went straight back into windows, where everything at first seemed fine. It loaded into where I had a cursor, and I started to bring up the browser again, when it froze up once more. I rebooted again, to safe mode this time. I'm a bit hazy at this point, but I seem to recall that everything seemed fine in safe mode. I decided then to run a spyware tool and check disk. Both went off fine, but the freezing continued. I then used system restore to go back about a week to see if that helped. The system froze up before the restore was finished and I had to reboot. After all this, I was able to load into windows or safe mode, but I got explorer in neither. I mean explorer.exe, not iexplorer.exe. If I tried to run it from the run command, it would flash the start button on the scree and then go off. I then ran the repair utility from the recovery disk, still thinking it might be a software problem. That was when it started freezing at loading. It would get to the loading screen, then go black, as is normal. But it never came back from that and would just be frozen up. If I tried safe mode, it would sit for a minute or so after loading everything, then reboot. I ran a full reinstall with format then. Still the same, except that I can boot into safe mode just fine. It seems to work without a problem. I have swapped RAM chips to rule out RAM. I unplugged my optical drives to insure they weren't the issue. I even swapped CPUs, with no change. I use a UPS device, so I don't think a surge fried anything. So I'm left with the hard drive, mobo, PSU, or video card being the issue. It seems most likely to be a video card issue, since safe mode seems to function fine. I really don't know though. Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Here is my system info, or what I can recall right now(after swapping and reinstall):
AMD Sempron 1700+
Windows XP Home(probably SP1)
1 gig RAM
ATI Radeon 9200( I think...its a Radeon for sure)
Enlite PSU 300ish watt

Can think of nothing else that may be an issue.

UPDATE: I seem to have answered my own question. I popped an old video card in, and all seems to be well.


FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
Glad you fixed the problem; when I first got Windows XP, I had a faulty RAM module and it kept freezing. I tried absolutely everything before thinking to swap out the RAM. So it often helps to think about which components could be causing the problems. :)