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Windows Installer on startup XP


Free PC Help Contributor
May 10, 2008
PC Experience
Some Experience
Operating System
Windows Vista - Ultimate
Hi guys,

everytime i reboot win xp, there is an intaller pop up almost immediately as soon the desktop appears, trying to extract / install " Photo Gallery " I think this was part of AOL which i removed from the pc, and now perhaps is looking for it? It doesnt really take no for an answer either when you click cancel...... only after a few attempts.

Can anyone shed some light on the matter please?
( esp before i get made to sit on the naughty step by the mods..... pls )




Tony D

Free PC Help Long Term Member
Dec 30, 2007
Malvern, PA (USA)
PC Experience
Some Experience
Operating System
Take a look in Control Panels | Add/Remove Programs. If the program is listed, remove.

Go so Start | Run and type in msconfig and then press enter. Go to the Startup tab on the right and scroll thru the list. If the program is listed in the startup, uncheck it. Click OK and you'll have to restart the machine.