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windows media palyer 11 media sharing


FPCH New Member
Feb 1, 2008
im tryin to allow media sharing so i can connect pc to ps3 whenever i click:-
Options - library - configure sharing
when i click configure sharing i get this

Windows Media Player
You are logged on with a user account that does not have sufficient permissions to turn on media sharing.

im at the point of pullin my hair out becuase im only person who uses this pc
anybody know why?


FPCH Long Term Member
Jan 9, 2008
34° 12' 35" N, 118° 29' 21" W
Well is this your computer or work computer?

Windows XP allows multiple people to log onto a computer and have and store documents and other items in their own PROFILE - so you could have different image for background and different icons then another user.

Also on a Windows PC there is an account that is the MASTER of everything on the system and that is called the ADMINISTRATOR account.

When you logon you can logon as ADMINISTRATOR but you need the password for it.

If you're logged on as an Administrator then you can also delegate and add other accounts to the system that also have Admin rights.