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Windows search missing

Oct 17, 2013
PC Experience
Some Experience
System is xp home sp3

I recently had internet problems which I posted in that section, various people helped me including Starbuck and Ken.
I ended up doing an install/repair which after that downloaded 128 updates. And I thought the problems were solved, now two new problems have occured. I went to use Windows search today only to find the search companion and the original style search are both missing.
I have tried the Microsoft fix and also going into the %systemroot%.inf folder and %srchasst%,inf and doing an install.
Neither of these have fixed the problem. I have tried it in safe mode but it is still not there.

The other problem is that I just installed a Kodak printer software update; now each time I log on, windows asks me to install the printer, even though it is installed.

I dont want to do a full reinstall of windows if I can help it.

The pc has been checked with malwarebytes which found nothing.