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Windows XP Random Crashing With Black Screen and Random Blue lines ???


FPCH New Member
Nov 4, 2007
I am having a problem with my computer (hence the computer help website)

now and then, at random intervals my computer crashes and the screen goes completely black, with these weird blue lines around the top left area. its almost like an abstract wallpaper. ive tried all of the key shortcuts Ctrl + Alt + Del and Alt + F4 and others none of them work the only way to solve the problem is restart the computer!!

It works in safe mode as yet, but i get no sound obviously and this is really bugging me..

any ideas?/
help would be greatly appreciated


FPCH Member
Feb 14, 2007

To be honest, this sounds like a problem with the graphics card. Usually when the display corrupts in such a way (weird lines or patterns) it will be related to the graphics card.

Its just possible actually that its the software for the graphics card which is corrupted - this would explain the safe mode behaviour. You could try removing the current driver and reinstalling from the CD which came with it.

If that doesn't work, I'd say you're looking at a broken graphics card.

Hope that helps,