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Wiping hard drive, re-installing windows xp and 'starting over'


FPCH New Member
Jun 3, 2007

i have a dell dimension 5000 series computer with windows xp home edition including service pack 2.

i've had a lot of problems with my comp and i want to complete start over so to speak. how do i completely wipe my hard drive and reinstall windows again so i can get it back to how it was when i bought it?

i have all my original disks and stuff i just dont know how to get it all rolling. i've tried pressing ctrl f11 on dell screen start up but nothing seems to happen.

hope you can help


FPCH Long Term Member
Feb 7, 2007
South Africa
boot up with the windows cd in and make sure the bios is set to boot from cd. You should be able to install it again it will ask you to format as well. LOSING all data. Hope this helps.


FPCH New Member
Jun 10, 2007
Its a good idea to use a wipe program to completely clean your drive before reinstalling operating system. There is a free program you can download here.>> http://dban.sourceforge.net/ Follow the directions, its easy and quick to download. Then burn to disk and boot from it.