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Wireless Connection


FPCH New Member
Nov 26, 2006
I have had my laptop for just over a year now and i connected it to the internet through a broadband router and we also had a home desktop running through the router. For the first 5 months it worked fine. I then didnt use the laptop for about 3 months and when i went to use it again it would say it was connected to the internet but the internet browser just said "this page cannot be displayed" and the same happened to the home desktop. we payed somebody to come round to fix the desktop and they managed to do it but say they tried so much they don't know how they fixed it. The connection on my laptop still didn't work and in the end i had to re-install windows XP on it and it was working fine. But today, it connected to the router and after about a minute, disconnected itself and then afetr another minute would reconnect itself and then disconnect itself and so on. i have run a virus scan, i have reinstalled the network adaptor, i have switched off my modem and my router and switched them back on, restarted my laptop and have disabled the wireless network connection and have re-enabled it but it still wont work
Can you help?




FPCH Member
Jan 21, 2006
Telford, UK
You have a strange problem there, Patrick. Have you tried resetting the settings in the router? Also try power cycling the modem and router, as well as your laptop and desktop. Often this fixes problems that otherwise seem impossible.

Apart from that, I think you should try another wireless adapter for your laptop. If that doesn't fix it, send back the new wireless adapater and try a different broadband router. It's likely to be a hardware fault somewhere causing this.