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Wireless routers

Feb 21, 2008
Hi all,

I have just signed up for Talk Talk's free broadband service. I have recieved the router although the service is not active yet, whilst reading through the documentation a thought occurred and i hope someone can help.

We have a desktop PC and a laptop, the documentation seems to say that you can connect via an ethernet cable OR wirelessly, not both at the same time. This would mean i would have to buy a USB wireless adaptor for my desktop, which i don't want to do as although its only a small expense, it is an expense never the less.

I intended to connect the desktop via a cable and the laptop wirelessly, should this be possible?

Many thanks



You can indeed Nick as my lad does exactly that.
Hard wire the main pc (desktop) and have the laptop as wireless as you suggested.

However he has a BT Home Hub so I'm unsure if yours will support doing that.


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Feb 23, 2008
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Yeah you will be able to do that, I recently bought a new router and i currently have my pc and xbox 360 hard wired and my wii going wireless and it works like a charm. :eek:)