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XP performance problems


FPCH New Member
Jan 18, 2012
PC Experience
I live in rural France and my internet connection is "dial up" @ 35Kbps - - - YES 35Kbps, so I have to be patient. Recently I downloaded Internet Explorer 9, and eversine then my computer has failed to work properly.

For instance I can sign in to my hotmail in box, see all my new messages, but I am unable to open them, I also can not open messages I have read before.

Next problem is even more frustrating, I select a website like Google, only to be advised "Internet can not display this page" bot if I click the back button at top left of the screen - - there is google. Then I can be on a website quite ok, but after a few seconds/minutes it disappears and again I get the message "Internet can not display this page.

Apart from throwing the damn thing into a lake has anyone any ideas or solutions


Oct 19, 2008
Wirral UK
Hi and welcome to FpcH

Which part of France are you in ?

Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove
If IE9 is there click on it to uninstall.

IE will revert to an earlier version.
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