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Latest activity

  • Starbuck
    Starbuck replied to the thread Bios upgrade fails.
    Hi joddle, Just to add here..... Some systems require that the upgrade is done in steps. I think that's why Rustys asked if you had...
  • J
    joddle replied to the thread Bios upgrade fails.
    No - but whay would that make a difference? - the other two machines worked fine - could it be anthng to do with the cmos battery?
  • Rustys
    Rustys replied to the thread Bios upgrade fails.
    Have you tried doing the previous version?
  • J
    joddle posted the thread Bios upgrade fails in Motherboard.
    I have three pretty well identical Dell OptiPlex 755s and on two of them have updated the bios to A22 with no issues, The other still...
  • Starbuck
    Hi Gary, Ok, have you tried using another account on the system? ( if you have more than one user account setup ) Have you rebooted the...
    • advancedoption.PNG
    • restoresystemfiles.PNG
  • G
    Hi, thank you for your express reply, i have done al lof the above,but nothing,it only comes on the tray ie, i can highlight the task...
  • Starbuck
    Hi Gary and welcome to FPCH. It may be a case of 'Explorer' not working. Try this and see if everything comes back.... Open Task...
  • R
    rylie replied to the thread Another Oldie.
    Hi... Callsign this end is G0PTR.. love the CW too, tend to use ex military radio kit... Divorce stopped play!... occasionally mobile on...
  • G
    Hi all, i tried to mirror my screen and i messed up, now i cannot get anything to work. tray is visible at bottom, but when i highlight...
  • AWS
    AWS replied to the thread Another Oldie.
    Howdy and welcome. I'm a ham also, callsign N9KN. Active on 15 and 20 meter CW.
  • KenB
    Does this help at all ? ...... click here And ..... BT Business Hub 3 Open up your web browser and type to access the...
  • madon37s
    I have done all that and even changed the ip address on the router I want to make into an access point to a different one to my existing...
  • R
    rylie posted the thread Another Oldie in Introductions.
    Hi Everyone I am an electrical contractor, that has limited knowledge on computers.....have done Cat5E wiring courses, cabinets and...
  • R
    rylie posted the thread CCTV-Powerline in Networking.
    Hi, Im trying to get internet access to a cctv system. Problem number 1 is the location of the CCTV system, which is in a barn away from...
  • Sobeit
    Sobeit replied to the thread Router Booster problem.
    Well, obviously the 'receive e-mail notifications' hasn't worked for me. None in junk either. Anyway, thanks for the replies. Rustys...